Woodmont Classroom to Get Dry Erase Makeover

Teacher receives grant for creative thinking.

The Montville Educational Foundation (MEF), recently presented a grant to Carolyn Wyks, second grade teacher at . 

The grant was issued to Wyks for her innovative and creative thinking.

"The funding will be used to promote brainstorming and idea organization by transforming each student’s work area into a blank slate. This would be accomplished with IdeaPaint and associated supplies," Wyks said. "IdeaPaint is a dry erase paint that is applied to any smooth surface (desks, walls, tables) transforming work space into creative spaces. It is not just paint. It serves as a magic wand. A single coat sparks creativity and collaboration, as it encourages students to fully explore their ideas in a new medium other than paper and writing tools. It is also a way of ‘going green’ because it will use less paper to present ideas. Pictures of students' work can be taken and sent to families via email."

“Parents appreciate seeing concrete proof of students' learning and they can obtain this via an environmentally friendly, cost-effective means. The possibilities of this medium are unlimited,” MEF President Michael Abramson stated.

IdeaPaint July 10, 2012 at 01:50 PM
We're excited to see how the makeover goes. Congrats to Carolyn and her students! - IdeaPaint


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