Field Rentals, Naming Rights Likely Coming

Montville school district business administrator said changes could be coming soon.

The is still considering , which would include athletic fields and the track at

According to district Business Administrator James Tevis, the discussion on whether or not to charge outside parties to rent district facilities has to go to the district’s policy committee first.

After that, he said, the subject will be up for discussion within the context of a board of education meeting. Tevis estimated that this would occur “probably within the next month.”

“It will be coming to a board meeting for approval once the policy committee meets first and discusses it,” Tevis said.

Tevis also told Patch on Tuesday night that the naming rights to the Montville Township High School football field have been advertised for bid.

“(The naming rights have) been legally advertised,” Tevis said.

Tevis said the possibility does exist that the , but only if the district receives a bidder for the field’s naming rights.

Ed May 10, 2012 at 11:35 AM
As I said back in March, our schools should be kept, to the best of our ability, independent of commercial entanglement. Large companies would have a lever to push their products on our students and/or what may go on with our high school field. The schools are our town’s “Learning Centers”, selling the rights to our football field creates a “Branded Name” and students may be influenced to buy these products be they good or bad. While this may be the case in the commercial world, it should not be the case with these young minds. Do people really think that an outside company is just going to give us money and not put demands on us for years to come? The Board of Education does not need any more long term outside contract influences or more legal issues.
Mustangs Rock May 10, 2012 at 01:23 PM
What do they consider an outside party? Outside Montville or outside the BOE? There are groups that use the BOE fields on regular basis who also do some of the upkeep, provide money for upgrades. MBSA paid for the improvements to Hilldale, Valley View and Woodmont fields, not the BOE. Are they planning on now charging MBSA for use of fields they paid to fix up?
Maxim Sapozhnikov May 10, 2012 at 01:39 PM
There was a big insurance saving that was supposed to decrease the budget baseline and give some relief to taxpayers. No such luck - the Board tried to spend it on the turf, and having failed that, just burned it on assorted "projects", most of which were nothing but padding to ensure that the budget doesn't decrease. Now it's stadium naming rights, which will affect our children's choices and push commercial products on their families. How many gimmicks will the Board come up with to quench the appetite of the teachers' union for tax money? More importantly, how long will Montville residents remain complacent to this abuse?
Dan Grant May 10, 2012 at 10:39 PM
Max, not every issue is tied to the Teacher's Association. The fact is that Montville Township collects over $90 Million in Property taxes for Schools, Municipal expenses and County taxes and what ever amount they can get from the commercialism of the High School Fields by selling the naming rights only dimishes the Township and does little for the budget. We are having a hard enough time maintaining our identity (which is important to some of us) without picking up a few dollars selling it. For those of us for whom the history of the Township is important this idea is just plain wrong. You want to rent it out that's fine just make sure you get enough to cover the wear and tear and make a profit. If they wanted to name it after some deserving person in Montville Townships history that's fine. Just don't sell out to a commercial enterprise.


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