School Contract Settlement Expected This Month

Salary guides agreed on, contract language under review for faculty and staff.

A union representative for the Montville Township Education Association (MTEA) said she expects a new contract to be ratified with the Montville Township Board of Education by the end of the month.

Union members, including teachers, secretaries, custodians and other district employees, have been working under an expired contract for more than a year as negotiations have continued. The board of education and MTEA reached a tentative agreement in August and salary guides were submitted to both parties for review in October.

Vickie Walsh, a field representative for the New Jersey Eduction Association, said Friday the salary guides for all employees represented by the union have been agreed on by both parties. Agreement on the salary guides indicates one of the final steps toward contract ratification.

"At this time, the contract language is being reviewed," Walsh said.

During the negotiations, Walsh said three existing collective bargaining agreements were merged and paraprofessionals who were not previously represented by the union became included. As such, the new contract has to be further reviewed by the MTEA and board of education before being approved.

"Both parties are carefully reviewing the new document and intend to ratify before the end of January," she said.

Montville Township Board of Education President Dr. Karen Cortellino confirmed that the contract is being looked at by the board and said that the board is pleased the process seems to be coming to a close.

"The contract language is under review by representatives of both parties. We look forward to concluding the negotiations, as well," she said.


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