Montville Student Artwork Awarded at State Fair, on Display

In total, 20 Montville students brought home 33 awards from the fair.

20 Montville students brought home 33 awards from the state fair.
20 Montville students brought home 33 awards from the state fair.
Over the summer, several Montville students made their school proud by placing at the New Jersey State Fair at Sussex county Fairgrounds from Aug. 3 – 11.

Will Robey was selected as this year's recipient of the Peter's Valley Scholarship for his realistic manual drill made out of clay. Only one student work is awarded this scholarship in the entire exhibit.

Jesse Warech’s wheel Thrown Raku Bowl and Karl Katterman’s ceramic Fish Escaping the fish Bowl also nabbed the outstanding achievement from the Committee as Committee Choice awards.

In total, 20 Montville students brought home 33 awards from the fair.

All three art works, along with many other students’ who won at the fair, are on display at the high school in the rotunda showcases and in the small case outside Rooms 511 and 509.

Here’s a look at the students and their awards:

Hand Dyed Fabrics

  • Jenna Taormina - Batik Pillow - 2nd Place
  • Jessica Zhang - Batik Pillow - 2nd Place
  • Brittany Simeonoglou - Ballet Batik Tote Bag - 1st Place


  • Jenna Taormina - Soapstone Wolf Carving - 2nd Place
  • Alex Blanchet - See Urchin – Wire Sculpture


  • Jenna Taormina - Leather Wallet - 1st Place
  • Jessica Zhang - Leather Saddle Bag - 2nd Place

Polymer Clay

  • Jenna Taormina - Milifiori Glass - 1st Place


  • Jessica Zhang - Striped Crocheted Scarf - 1st Place
  • Matt O’Dea - Crocheted Hat - Honorable Mention


  • Holly Billand - Reversible Knitted Scarf (Original Design) - 1st Place
  • Alexandra Sutton - Reversible Knitted Scarf (Original Design) - 2nd Place and Dinosaur Hat - 3rd Place
  • Savannah Potter - Purple Knitted Scarf - Honorable Mention


  • Hank Decker –Tree Pot - 1st Place and Chuck the Duck - 3rd Place
  • Samantha Press — Converse Sneaker - 2nd Place
  • Karl Kattermann - Rattle Snake - 2nd Place and The Great Escape Fish Bowl - Honorable Mention & Committee Choice Award
  • Neal Patel - The Griffin - 1st Place
  • Will Robey - Drill - Peter’s Valley Scholarship
  • Niko DelMoro - Ode to MC Escher - 3rd Place
  • Adriana Paldino - Siren - 1st Place and Cliff - 1st Place
  • Jesse Warech - Wheel Thrown Raku Fired Bowl - 1st Place & Committee Choice Award, Wheel Thrown Narrow Neck Vase - 2nd Place, Wheel Thrown Purple Stoneware Vase - 3rd Place, Wheel Thrown “Gluttony” - 3rd Place and Wheel Thrown Raku Fired “Whoville” - 2nd Place
  • Kayla Riccelli - Crocheted Ripple Scarf - 2nd Place
  • Elizabeth Sammarro - Mad Hatter Tea Pot - 1st Place
  • Branndon Mohrbutter - Workboot - Honorable Mention
  • Erika Muhaw - Coil Vase - 2nd Place


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