Montville Schools May Spend $600K for 'Unnecessary' State Mandates

The Board of Education is considering a resolution to ask the state for full compensation.

The state has issued unfunded mandates “requiring a greatly expanded teacher evaluation program, Common Core curriculum development, PARCC assessment technology, and HIB law mandates” and the Montville School District is going to be “spending upwards of $600,000 on these mandates with more to be spent annually,” according to the district.

One of the items on the agenda for the Montville School Board’s Monday meeting is a request to the state for full compensation of unfunded mandates. The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.

“Based on the history of the high state test scores of our school district, these new mandates are unnecessary for our district to provide a thorough and efficient educational system, a fact which makes these unfunded mandates particularly onerous to our district.”

In this agenda item, the board is asking New Jersey Commissioner of Education Chris Cerf to reimburse the district for these new mandates and fully fund them in the future. The board is also requesting legislative delegation to introduce legislation requiring the State to fully fund these mandates and request from them a response to this resolution.

“We ask the New Jersey Governor, State Senate President, and Assembly Speaker to take steps to fund these mandates fully.

If passed, the board secretary will send letters to the State Commissioner of Education, State Senator, Governor, State Senate President and Assembly Speaker making this request.

Mom Tlm December 16, 2013 at 11:58 AM
Thank you , thank you. These mandates are bunch of crap. Just more ways for this country/state to get more money from the districts who have a little money and keep paying for those who WASTE what's not theirs. How dare they keep doing this to us! If districts like Montville don't start to fight back, we are going to be in the same hole as the losers, but without a shovel! Stand up for our rights. Stop awarding money so that companies like Apple can keep growing their monopoly forcing us to buy this , that and the other thing. Can't possibly keep up!


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