'Keeping Children First' a Recognition Point for Montville BOE

Superintendent thanks board leaders as state group celebrates School Board Recognition Month.

Whether they do it because they want to see changes in the education system locally or because they want to make sure the school district remains the same, school board members donate hours of their time as a service to their communities.

Throughout the state this month, school board members, those volunteers who help make decisions about schools, will be honored by their districts during the New Jersey School Board Association's School Board Recognition Month.

"New Jersey's local boards of education play an essential role in our students' lives. They oversee 586 school districts which, in turn, operate nearly 2,500 public schools and provide educational services to nearly 1.4 million children," the NJSBA website said.

In the state, there are about 4,800 school board members, the NJSBA said. The association has been celebrating members during the month of January for the past 12 years and does so to raise public awareness about the "role and responsibilities of local boards of education."

In school board members have not only been recognized by district leadership this month, but by their colleagues as well. After Board President Dr. Karen Cortellino was sworn in to another term, along with Charles Grau, Board Vice President Matthew Kayne told Cortellino that working alongside her was "awe-inspiring."

At the most recent Montville Township Board of Education meeting on Jan. 15, Superintendent Dr. Paul Fried took a moment to tell the board members how much he and other administrators appreciate their work. Fried said he wanted to honor and thank members of the board "for all of their work, efforts, sincerity and for keeping children first."

"We want to thank all of our board of education leaders tonight for all of their efforts," he said.

Ron Soussa January 25, 2013 at 10:58 PM
Morris County doesn't have population density issues. What we've got are too many municipalities with redundant functions being horrifically expensively duplicated within a few short miles of one another. Consolidating all local Boards of Education into one, central, County-wide BoE should be the single highest priority item for Morris County Freeholders.
Dan Grant January 26, 2013 at 12:40 AM
jf that is not what I said. I trust the people of Montville Township to make the best choices for the children of Montville Township and no I would not trust the County on educational matters. Under a County plan would our property taxes for education go the County to be divided and given back for our schools? Take a look at the County open-space program if you want an answer about how fair they are. The best govvernment is the one closest to the people governed.
Cynthia January 26, 2013 at 03:17 AM
Yep, and there should be no town council also. Why stop at county rule? Perhaps the state should run everything. No, let's just let Washington dictate what we do here in our town. Seriously, there is no argument in favor of county rule for any aspect of our town with respect to any quality of life issue. Especially education. If I wanted to live in Lincoln Park and have their school system, I would move there. If I wanted to live in Dover for their school system, I'd move there. However, people choose Montville for a variety of reasons, one of them being the good schools. Quality schools not only benefit the families with children, for those who do have children, but for every citizen they also have an effect on real estate values. Thank you. I'll take a well run local system that protects and cares for the needs of our town any day.
Dan Grant January 26, 2013 at 03:49 PM
Cynthia, You are 100 percent right, I know at least one of those posters doesn't have kids and mine are a long way past the Montville School system. The fact is that for those who have no children they still benefit from a good education system in the value and ease of selling a home in Montville Township. Schools are a prime reason for young families to buy a home here. Facilities for residents are another. It is one of the reasons Montville Township has not suffered as much in real estate values as surronding Towns.
Cynthia January 26, 2013 at 05:38 PM
Thank you, Mr. Grant. The 'thought' of the idea above to 'consolidate the 40 superintendents' into one? That has to be said by someone without kids. From an educational standpoint it makes zero sense. So, the 'county superintendent' will even look at Montville's needs? I would think he/she would think of all towns the same. In that scenario, Montville=Lincoln Park=Dover=Morristown=Morris Hills. Sure just axe this and axe that. Cookie cutter towns. All the same. Cost cutting and reduction of programs? Sorry, that's not my vision for where I live and I am glad it's not yours. I could see merging some of the smaller districts, but not one our size. That is one of the main reasons people live here.


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