Class Rank Task Force to Host College Admission Expert

Montville residents invited to learn about the history of using class rank and course weighting in the college admission process.

As the Montville Township Public Schools district continues to explore class rank and the effect it has on the college admission process, a field expert has been invited to speak to the Class Rank Task Force and community about the subject.

David Tubbs, the district's supervisor of humanities, said Peter Van Buskirk will be giving a presentation on Feb. 27 at 7 p.m. in the Montville Township High School cafeteria.

"Mr. Van Buskirk is an expert in the area of college admission and has created a presentation to help the Montville community and the task force better understand the history of the use of class rank, the pros and cons of class rank, course weighting, available options to Montville and a perspective through the eyes of an admissions officer," Tubbs said.

Tubbs said Van Buskirk's presentation will replace another, "Getting A Head Start: College Admissions," that was under consideration to be offered in the spring.

The Class Rank Task Force was developed after Superintendent Dr. Paul Fried and the Montville Township Board of Education discussed priorities for the current school year. Last year, Fried said, focus was placed on examining homework and how the district's teachers could more effectively assign it to benefit the students. A Homework Task Force was formed to study different methodologies and ultimately, the group made recommendations to the board, many of which have since been implemented.

Fried said in November that a similar task force would be formed to examine class rank and later in the year, a townhall meeting will be scheduled so that the community can listen to recommendations the task force makes before they are put in place.


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