Candidate Kits Available for Potential School Board Members

Here's information on how to get one.

For those interested in running for a position on a local school board in November, the following comes  from the New Jersey School Boards Association:

The New Jersey School Boards Association today published an online Candidate Kit with information for citizens interested in running for a position on their local board of education in November 2012.

In approximately 80 percent of New Jersey's local school districts, voters will select school board members on Tuesday, Nov. 6, the date of the General Election. To have their names placed on the November election ballot, candidates for school board office must submit a nominating petition to the county clerk by 4 p.mon June 5.  Approximately 1,200 board of education positions, which are non-partisan, will appear on General Election ballots across the state.

Qualifications for Office “I encourage legally qualified citizens with a sincere interest in the well-being of the community and its children to consider board of education membership,” commented Raymond R. Wiss, NJSBA president.  “Local boards of education make critical decisions on the policies that govern the operations of the public schools.  It is one of the most meaningful contributions that a citizen can make to his or her community.”

Prospective school board candidates can obtain a “School Board Candidate Kit” online atwww.njsba.org/candidacy.  It includes directions on obtaining and filing a nominating petition, as well as information about legal qualifications for school board candidacy and the role of the school board member. Background about the New Jersey School Ethics Act and important dates in the school election process are also included in the kit.

Nominating Petitions For the November elections, the format and distribution of school board nominating petitions varies among the state’s 21 counties.  The NJSBA Candidate Kit includes a county-by-county listing of nominating petition information and access to downloadable petition forms where available.

Recent legislation allowed communities to move their school elections from the third Tuesday in April to the General Election in November. Doing so places the district’s school board candidates on the November ballot – but eliminates the need to present the proposed school budget to voters as long as it remains at or below the state’s 2-percent levy cap. Throughout the state, 468 school districts will have board member elections in November 2012, while 73 school districts retained April school elections.

Mary Pacinac April 05, 2012 at 02:20 AM
"Taxed out" is misinformed. There are no "ends." It is all about education. Read the state code about the responsibilities of school board members. Their first and only obligation is to the students in the district. The sad fact is that the state has reneged on its obligation to our students. New Jersey spends less per student than the national average. That's pretty sad when you consider how high our cost of living is. If you want to rag on anyone, it should be our state and federal legislators who require the districts to do so much, promise dollars to fund the programs, and deliver so little.
Janet April 05, 2012 at 11:15 AM
Mary P. Yes we should all trust in the state code? and then you turn around and bash the same state legislatures? I think the reference had to do with aome teachers who hold BOE members kids hostage unless they vote to do what the union wants and BOE members who cave to their bullying. A resident with no kids in district but that pays the same taxes wouldn't have that issue.
amw April 06, 2012 at 04:27 AM
I see many comments criticizing and filled with excuses not to run, but no one stepping up to the plate. It shouldn't matter whether you have kids in the district or not, the only motivation is to continue to ensure that our district continues to run efficiently and effectively and to ensure that the high quality of education continues. To the Watcher for the record - the council and school board are two separate entities, and the potential school board members do not run under any political party affiliation. As for moving elections, now the schools run just like any other governing body - you vote for the people who will best represent your interests. School board members do not run the schools, they are there to ensure that they are run effectively. The fact that it's in November now should give those without kids in school a better shot at being elected.
Dan Grant April 06, 2012 at 02:58 PM
As a Country of selfinterested whiners most people will not even vote much less run for election. As a fourty year participant of voting, serving and running for election I have no respect for people who don't even take the few minutes it takes to vote three times a year. Last year about 20 percent of Montville Reidents came out and voted in either the School Board or the General Elections. This November will be a high turnout because it is Presidential and we have lots of residents who feel that they are so important they only vote for President. When there house is robbed because we don't have enough Police, when their childs education is not up to standards, when development occurrs next to them that they don;t like or when their garbage isn't picked up or when their tax dollars are spent on political land deals I assume they will call the Whitehouse.
VietNam Vet June 05, 2012 at 03:20 AM
Well Dan, I am willing to step up to the plate and run for the board next year, and stop the corruption from going on anymore. The stuff with Seitz contract was illegal and has to be rectified and we need to stop this from going on anylonger, we have got to save the taxpayers money and stop the rise in the school budget each and every year. They have a $5 million dollar surplus but they don't want to use that to offset any increases. If there is a way to lower the school budgets, I'll do whatever I can to find it and make sure the taxpayers get the break they deserve. In this economy we cannot afford to have our taxes increase each and every year just because someone wants to be greedy. We have to stop it, people just don't have the money to keep coming up with. Odumbo{Osama} wants to jack up our taxes just so he has more money to spend. When do we wise up and stop the corruption in our schools and the town itself, and vote for the people who can do the job and NOT the stupid party. We have to wise up Parsippany!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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