What You Missed from This Week's Committee Meeting

From a neighborly gesture to Palmyra to yet more talk on take-home cars, get caught up on the odds and ends of the Cinnaminson Township Committee meeting from Nov. 12.

Cinnaminson Township Committee’s marathon meeting on Monday stretched into early Tuesday morning and produced plenty of discussion.

Committee members debated and voted on a variety of issues, including alleged maintenance violations at Paula’s Family Restaurant, plus streamlining township departments, communication problems between the committee and planning and zoning boards, and a focus on code enforcement around town.

Cinnaminson Patch will bring you coverage on those issues, but here are three other things accomplished Monday:

1. Calling it a “neighborly” gesture, Cinnaminson will allow Palmyra to use its courtroom for three sessions in coming weeks. Palmyra is facing an HVAC problem in its own courtroom, and will hold court in Cinnaminson on Nov. 26, Nov. 27 and Dec. 14. The building will already be open for other township business and Palmyra will provide its own security.

Deputy Mayor Anthony Minniti floated charging Palmyra for the usage, but the other committee members decided it should be gratis.

2. The take-home vehicle issue is … still not fully decided. But the committee made some progress. Seven employees—the zoning officer, head of public works, three police detectives, a police lieutenant (as the senior ranking sworn officer) and a K9 officer—were identified as having take-home cars, an issue that’s rankled some for months. The committee voted to allow all but the zoning officer to continue to use the cars for take-home use. Everyone still allowed has on-call duties that often necessitate or at least make it easier to respond promptly with an equipped township car. (The zoning officer previously volunteered to stop using the car for take-home use; the committee voted to codify that gesture regardless.)

Now the question remains if employees who live outside of Cinnaminson should reimburse the township for mileage. The committee will take it up at a future meeting after more research on tax implications.

3. Cinnaminson will continue to explore inspection shared services with three other towns: Delanco, Delran and Maple Shade. George Haeuber, Cinnaminson’s former interim township administrator, is representing the town in talks to create a joint shared services group. He presented a progress report, noting that it’s feasible to create the agreement if all four towns agree. Based on the number of permits issued in 2009-11 and the revenue generated, Cinnaminson would contribute 36 percent, Maple Shade 30 percent, Delran 24 percent and Delanco 10 percent toward the cost of the group.

Committee voted 3-2 (with John Rooney and Ben Young voting no) to allow Haeuber to continue talks with the other towns with the goal of creating the inspection shared services agreement.

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Concerned Citizen November 15, 2012 at 12:21 AM
Are you kidding me Cinnaminson? Your trying to take away vehicles from our police officers? Off duty, on call, or not, this is absurd. Im glad to have moved away from your obnoxious swine infested local government.
Ric November 15, 2012 at 03:32 AM
Patch’s report about last night’s Community meeting for some reason did not report that Cinnaminson will be forming a DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT that will be headed by Frederick Turek who will also keep his other responsibilities.. This new department is supported by a study from First Jersey Municipal Assistance, a group formed by a bunch of mostly retired New Jersey government employees who are also collecting pensions. Two council members, Young and Rooney oppose the plan because this is already the responsibility of administrator Frank Locantore. I think they are right. I also think Fred Turek is not the man for the job because he is already stretched thin. Right after last year’s Hurricane Ivan Turek pronounce that the Devon Road Bridge was fit but a few months later the bridge was done in by a garbage truck. It bothers me that we are paying a hefty fee to a group of retired government employees to do a study that recommends taking part of one person’s job and giving it to another Cinnaminson employee who is already overburdened with work. And I am sure like any employee taking on more responsibilities Fred will want more money. Our tax and spend republicans do not understand how overtaxed we already are.
Cindy Pierson November 17, 2012 at 11:21 PM
The discussion of the job audit is what took up the first three hours of the meeting, and I had a couple of questions, but couldn't stay until after the closed meeting for the public comments portion-had to leave at 10:30. I know there's a difference between Department & Committee of economic development, but it was interesting that nobody brought up the committee we currently have(big fuss was made when appointed) or that we had the committee for several years before that-and it had only one member. check the webpage-it says the same thing it has said since at least 2010- that the committee is being developed.
marlowe5227 November 18, 2012 at 12:26 AM
Christina, what profanity is on the article about the brush citations that comments were closed. Please give specifics because I couldn't find any. There were comments about the inaccuracy of Mr. Marshall's past responsibilities. Closing the comments allows the accuracy of Patch's statements to remain unanswered. That is both sad and an abuse of power. The statements made by the commentors must be accurate then
Christina Paciolla November 18, 2012 at 12:50 AM
You don't see those comments because they were deleted. They went against our terms of service therefore they were removed. If you have a question for me or about a story—you may email me at christina.paciolla@patch.com. Or you can call me on Monday. If you have a complaint about something, you can email my boss at tim.zatz@patch.com. Thanks.


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