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Special Storm Response Meeting Scheduled for Saturday

Township officials to discuss response and power outage restoration efforts with public.

A special meeting of the Montville Township Committee will be held Saturday for residents to come and discuss Tropical Storm Sandy response efforts.

The meeting will be held at the municipal building, on Changebridge Road, from 9 a.m. to noon.

Do you have questions you plan to ask committee members during the special meeting? What are they? Tell us in the comments.

Dan Grant November 10, 2012 at 01:40 AM
JR and PB your attitudes just lost a national election. The idea that it is everyone for themselves lost. Maybe not in Montville but through the general population. No one expects the the Township Committee to climb the poles and people do understand the magnitude of the problems that came out of this storm but to attack someone for being concerned about medication that needs to be refrigerated or saying the answer to everyones problems is to buy a generator doesn't answer the very basic question of why there wasn't better communication with people or why the Power Company doesn't have the ability to respond to this type of emergency. It doesn't answer the question of why certain sections of the Township go out on such a frequent basis. Lost in all of this is the fact that while Montville is rated as an affluent town there are many who live here that are just working people and in this ecconomy are just getting by. We have a population of seniors who are particularly effected by this type of problem and yes while some have the ability to take action by buying $10,000 generators many do not. Most of all it has been my experience that communication, action and the visability of our elected official is all the people really want. If you tell me that our State Senator, Assembly People, Freeholders (who live in this Township) and local officials don't have any role to play in this then what the hell do we need them for.
PB November 10, 2012 at 02:23 PM
I didn't know I was running for office. With all due respect Dan, if you could somehow stop politicizing every single issue you just might be taken as a more serious voice in Montville. The 'us versus them' attitude pervasive in your posts diminishes the content of what you're actually saying. This conversation was about addressing the immediate need, that of not freezing one's behind off because of the problems with the electric, NOT a declaration that the system is great, can't be improved upon and certainly not that one buy a generator in lieu of fixing the power lines and holding JCP&L accountable. But the realities are that there will always be storms, there will be trees that fall and take out power lines, and, most importantly, that we don't want to pay for better service or a more secure infrastructure and that even if we decided we did want to pay for these upgrades it's not something that's going to come about any time soon, even if they started tomorrow. You can try and change mother nature, physics and human nature, but really the first 2 will not change, the third might but at a snails pace, as in over generations. As for the need for refrigeration, that should have been planned for long in advance of this or any other storm - there are options that don't include generators, and having not made that backup plan far in advance was negligent. Cost? As I said in the first post, for under $500 electricity can be had.
Vera November 10, 2012 at 02:47 PM
Thanks for speaking up for the seniors in our town. My mother is 74 years old and still living in the same house that she and my father bought in the 1970's. She is very proud of the fact that she is still able to live in and maintain her home, however she also does that on a fixed income (and btw she has been driving the same car for many years and rarely goes out to dinner -- only for very special occassions). People like that don't necessarily have an easy extra 10K lying around. She is making do through this mess but she wants to know why Towaco has consistently been the last to have power restored after Hurrican Irene, last year's October storm and now Sandy. She doesn't believe that the township is seeing to the needs of Towaco residents in this situation. She has a "$500 generator" and has been using it and even with that it's been a task. Everyone getting generators isn't solving THE problem which is a communication problem not just on the part of JCP&L but also the township.
PB November 10, 2012 at 03:14 PM
Kudos to your mother Vera, mine is the same but several years older. The town does not control the power company, and the only thing I've ever seen ride the vocal wave out of the mouths of politicians is B.S., not electricity, so really communication isn't the main issue here, it's electricity. I know it's difficult to deal with a less-than-ideal power source, I know not everyone can go out and buy the Lexus of generators, but the comment about buying one was not meant in lieu of holding JCP&L accountable, but rather as a way of skirting the unavoidable. See my post below - storms aren't going to change, trees toppling aren't going to change, and the general unwillingness of the population to heavily invest in a more sound infrastructure all add up to more of what we've had these past 13 days. Sure it's frustrating not knowing when things will be restored but that isn't going to change either - these things are unpredictable, it's just the nature of repairs. As to Towaco 'being the last to get service', I can't comment since I don't have any better info than you, but I do live in Towaco on a street that has all of 4 houses, so I assure you that I'm not on top of the list. Everyone around me had power 2 days before I did and it was infuriating, but again that's not something that's going to change any time soon - I'm not willing to bear the cost of trenching and burying the cables up to our houses, so trees will continue to fall and knock down the lines.
Dan Grant November 10, 2012 at 10:34 PM
PB, You say "if you could somehow stop politicizing every single issue you just might be taken as a more serious voice in Montville. The 'us versus them' attitude pervasive in your posts diminishes the content of what you're actually saying." Every single issue is political if it deals with the response of elected officials at any level and often it is " them vs us." In the 15 years I served I found that people would except the answer to problems as long as they had accurate information and the fact that someone they elected was responsive. You call it political, I call it citizen action. Politics is what shapes the every aspect of the township for better or worse. I wasn't at the meeting this morning but I did get a report from someone who was there and I will say that the Township Committee has reverted to public session that is not very effective. People ask questions and they are recorded and answered at the end. That isn't the way the Committee operated when I was on it. Questions were answered as best they could be and that allowed for follow up questions. It was a dialogue with people. There was cross questioning which allowed for more information rather then less.


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