Should Maple Ave. Be a One-Way Street?

Residents say cars speed down the road to get to Interstate 80.

Cars speed down Maple Avenue to get to Interstate 80 as a way to avoid a jam-packed Route 46 intersection farther down the highway.

Lately, some of the speeders who use Maple Avenue have been ticketed by , officials said.

There has been talk of making Maple Avenue a dead end, installing speed bumps and other measures. At Wednesday's Township Committee meeting, Mayor Jim Sandham floated another possibility—having Maple Avenue turned into a one-way street. He said a former Planning Board member who knows the section of town shared the idea with him. Residents and town officials seemed to think it could work.

The issue came up because Committee members Scott Gallopo and Don Kostka and township officials met with the Department of Transportation to discuss possible Route 46 improvements in the event G.I. Auto Salvage is redeveloped. A plan to was scrapped by the company.

But while the prospect of redevelopment prompted the Township Committee to explore the issue, Gallopo said something ought to be done about speeding cars.

"It's a traffic nightmare at that intersection to begin with," he said.


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