Montville Tax Sale Scheduled in October

Public can bid on unpaid water and sewer taxes.

Montville Township will be hosting a public auction to sell unpaid water, sewer and municipal taxes in the form of liens on Oct. 17 at 10 a.m. at the Montville Township Municipal Building.

The purpose of the auction is to help the township collect money that is due.

"Anyone who did not pay their water and sewer charges, they go to tax sale," Montville Tax Collector Christine Corcoran said. 

The tax sale certificates are auctioned for a rate beginning at 18 percent and the lienholders collect interest after paying the taxes.

"It works its way down and they're receiving the interest," Corcoran said.

This creates a benefit for the lienholder, in addition to the township.

"The town receives the money and it's not outstanding taxes that are now adding to our budget," she said.

Additionally, owners are required to settle all liens before selling their property.

While more than 100 properties were on the list for the upcoming tax sale, posted on the township website, Corcoran said the number of properties on the list is about average when compared with previous years' tax sales.

Payment for liens during the public auction can only be made by cash, certified check or money order. If any properties' taxes are not sold, the lien will be sold to the township for redemption of the 18 percent.

Those property owners on the list are able to be removed from the sale by paying the taxes, in addition to any interest gained on the due amount, before the sale. Residents can do so by calling the tax collector's office.

To see if your property is on the list for the tax sale, click here.


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