Sewer Connection Fee Higher in Montville, Committee Member Says

Township committee will discuss fees for programs and services at next meeting.

Montville residents may be paying more money in a sewer connection fee than those in neighboring towns and one township committeeman has asked that officials consider whether it would be possible to lower the fee.

The township committee discussed the connection fee, which is proposed to cost $6,628, under an ordinance introduced at the Nov. 27 meeting. Committeeman Scott Gallopo said he had done some research and found that Montville's fee was more costly than others.

"I looked at 10 different municipalities today and I looked at their sewer connection fees. There was one municipality that had a higher connection fee for sewer, but that included the connection being done by the municipality," he said.

In Montville's case, residents pay the fee to be able to connect to the sewer line and then incur additional fees to actually hook up.

Gallopo questioned whether the township would be able to lower its sewer fee to be comparable to other communities, but Township Attorney Martin Murphy said there is a formula used across the state that designates the cost. The cost is designed so that residents new to the township are not absolved of the cost burden.

"It tries to make the new person coming in have to absorb some of the earlier debt," Murphy said.

Gallpo said he was aware of the formula, but that he believes the township may have some flexibility in the issue. He said he would have a difficult time voting in favor of the fee the way it remains. Mayor Tim Braden recommended township officials reach out to other municipalities to see what their connection fees are.

In addition to the sewer connection fee, the committee will also vote on the water connection fee, park facility rental fees, off-duty police officer fees and more, as included in the ordinance that was introduced.

The committee will meet publicly Tuesday at 8 p.m. in the township municipal building.

Rosie December 07, 2012 at 04:58 PM
Only in Montville!!!!!!!!


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