Fundraising Considered for Montville Library Projects

Board of trustees begins discussion after $900 was raised during book sale.

After seeing success from its first-ever fundraiser, Montville Township Library Director Allan Kleiman asked the library's board of trustees to consider allowing the library to further fundraise in the future.

The money, Kleiman said, would be used to help fund special projects and programs outside of what is funded by the annual budget.

Kleiman brought the issue up at Monday's board meeting after noting the success of the book sale in which $900 was raised. Aside from the monetary gain, Kleiman said library employees who helped organize the sale were proud of the event.

"The staff was very excited and engaged," he said.

Kleiman said he wanted to have further discussions with the board's finance committee about other fundraisers the staff could organize.

"This will allow us to do some new projects that otherwise are not in the budget," he said.

But Board President Howard Chesler cautioned that the library first seek legal advice.

"There certainly may be some things we're restricted from doing," he said.

Board Trustee Dave Dalia questioned why the library would be interested in fundraising if every year, the library returns excess money that was not spent from that year's budget to the township to be used as taxpayer relief.

"Why would we fundraise to just sweep funds to the town?" he asked Kleiman.

But Kleiman said the library fundraisers would not only be about raising money. He called the fundraisers a "marketing opportunity" and said that people who had not visited the library previously were introduced to what it had to offer through the book sale.

"It's good PR for the library," he said.

The board also discussed setting up a scholarship fund to help local students with some of the money raised, an idea presented by trustee Tom Mazzacaro.

Ed January 15, 2013 at 03:09 PM
The Montville Library should not become a bank for the township committee to go to get more tax money. Whatever formula is being used to tax the residents for library services has to change. If you want to give the taxpayers “tax relief” don’t take the money from us in the first place. The real danger is the possibility of pressure on library committee members to give tax money back which could underfund good library projects. The article above talks about fund drives for cover some library projects which were not able to be funded by the library budget….the question has to be asked why? We are in tough times for many of the residents of our town. All township groups need to present real budget for their “own” requirements to build a true tax rate for the Montville residents.
Dan Grant January 15, 2013 at 03:13 PM
Let me get this straight. The Library runs on a dedicated and preset tax by state law. They now "Sweep " money over to the Township Committee to help them lower taxes and want to fund raise for programs they want to do but have no money for.???????????
Louise January 15, 2013 at 03:49 PM
Please fix the WIFI access at the library. During both storms (Sandy and Irene), the library was a disaster and the staff was clueless. I finally moved to the high school as it was still closed, but open as a shelter. No problem there.
pat January 15, 2013 at 11:42 PM
I think it is not really fair to judge the Library's WIFI access after Hurricane Sandy...did you not see what was going on in town during that time, especially on Horseneck Road??
Louise January 16, 2013 at 12:44 AM
Ok what about Irene? I was pretty much the last block restored. I was told they usually only have "about 10 people" on at a time so more than this is a problem. This is adequate? Even when I arrived in the morning, with no crowd, it didn't work. High School access? No problem. When I am desperate to get on for work I will head anywhere but the library next time.


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