County Adds $2.6M to Road Repairs in 2014

Boost of funds will give county 33 miles of complete road resurfacing this year.

The Morris County Board of Freeholders has decided to more than double its original proposed expenditure of $2.2 million for county road repairs, and will add 11 miles of new pavement to the area.

Morris County’s governing body says it will add $2.6 million to the $2.2 million in capital improvements for paving projects this year, which will allow the resurfacing of 33 miles of county roads. The original plan was to repave 22 miles of roads.

Morris County also received $3.9 million in federal transportation funds to put toward road repairs. 

In the past five years an average of 17 miles of roadway per year has been paved.

Because of some restrictions and scheduling conflicts for other capital improvement projects in the county that will now take place in 2015, the additional funds were able to be allocated to road repairs.

“Everyone supported the expanded program,” said Freeholder John Krickus, a member of the budget committee in a statement. “But we also needed to pay for the program by being more efficient and continuing our program of debt reduction.”

Morris County maintains a total of 300 miles of county roadways.

The road repaving is in addition to an enhanced effort to fill numerous potholes this spring, which received an influx of $75,000 last month for Hot Box equipment. 

Lothar Jones May 14, 2014 at 11:31 AM
If the county got rid of its wasteful Historic Preservation Trust Fund program, the freeholders could use that tax money (millions collected and spent each year) for more road and bridge improvements. I won't vote for any freeholder who wastes our tax money on historic preservation. I suggest you do the same.
Tracy Tobin May 15, 2014 at 11:41 AM
I strongly support the actions of Freeholder Krickus and his colleagues in their investment in our road infrastructure. Hopefully this is the start of a significant multi year program to bring County roads back into good operating condition. It is an investment that pays off in improved safety, reduced damage to cars and commercial vehicles and ultimately reduced cost for upkeep of our roads. I disagree with Mr. Jones re monies spent on Historic Preservation. I totally agree with the Freeholders getting out of the golf course business.


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