'Housewives' Joe Giudice's Court Date Postponed Again

The court date is for his forgery charges stemming from March 2011 arrest.

Joe and Teresa Giudice leave a Newark courthouse in July. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)
Joe and Teresa Giudice leave a Newark courthouse in July. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

The court date for Joe Giudice’s forgery charges—stemming from a March 2011 arrest—has been delayed numerous times and now it’s been pushed again.

Giudice, 43, a Towaco resident and star of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey," had a scheduled conference on Monday to set a trial date and file motions, but it was postponed due to the fact Miles Feinstein, defense attorney, is in the middle of a Passaic County trial, according to NorthJersey.com, and the next court date has not been determined.

His forgery charges come from a fraudulent attempt to obtain a state driver’s license from the Paterson branch of the Motor Vehicle Office in June 2010 using his brother’s ID. 

This isn’t the only trouble Giudice is in. Amid his traffic citation troubles, he and his wife, Teresa, 41 pleaded not guilty in November to two new fraud charges regarding bank and loan application fraud. This  brings their new total of indictments up to 41 counts. 

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Nate Zimmerman January 15, 2014 at 09:52 AM
What are these judges all about? Why is this case becoming so sordid with postponements? Would this happen to the average person? Why is this attorney allowed to keep postponing with the same excuses ? Two years and counting! Enough is enough!
Comfortably Numb January 15, 2014 at 11:16 PM
Nate, it's not totally out of the norm plus you have to factor in that it's a high profile case. You do want due process, right? or are you just rooting against this guy because you don't like his personality? Put things in perspective. Consider Montvilles infamous Jason Fennes who hasn't had a trial in over two years. I have faith in most parts of our judicial system.....In time Nate, In time.


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