Contractor Allegedly Stole Cash From Home

Resident noticed more than $1,500 missing.

A New York man was arrested Wednesday after Montville Township Police Capt. Ed Rosellini said he allegedly stole more than $1,500 cash from a Towaco home he was doing contractor work in.

James O'Sullivan, 34, of Stony Point, NY, was charged with one count of theft.

According to Rosellini, a resident of Doremus Drive called police on Nov. 30 to report that a large amount of money was missing from their home. The resident explained to police that contractors had been working on their house recently.

In interviewing the workers, police said O'Sullivan admitted on Wednesday to taking the cash.

O'Sullivan was arrested and transported to the Montville Township police station. He was later released with a date to appear in court.

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Brenda Devereux December 10, 2012 at 02:07 PM
Its sad that we cant trust even contractors to come into our homes. This is a reminder not to leave cash, jewelry and personal items around when strangers (or anyone for that matter, sometimes we cant even trust our own friends or relatives!) are in our homes. A wonderful woman was killed by her handyman in a lovely Green Township neighborhood last week. How sad and frightening. We have to be proactive and we cant trust anyone! A sign of the times.
Scondo December 10, 2012 at 05:42 PM
They probably showed him the nanny cam footage just before he confessed.
1BusyContractor December 11, 2012 at 01:18 AM
You speak of trust as if it is something that everyone is entitled to.Trust is just like money, we must work hard to earn it, and we must spend it carefully. What were these people thinking about when they hired this "contractor"? Did they check to see if he was registered with the DCA in NJ? Did they ask for LOCAL references or ask for any at all?Didn't they wonder why he came from such a long distance; Stony point, NY isn't just up the road.There are many qualified contractors in Montville alone; I suspect the only consideration here was price.You can not pay a little, and get a lot...basic laws of business prevent it.The price is what you pay today...the cost is what you pay forever. How much is the safety and comfort of your home worth? A great indicator of a quality, trustworthy contractor, is if they use their own name in their company title.It shows that they are proud of what they do, and they are not changing the business name every few years to dodge old clients, or bill collectors. What I truly don't understand why you must attend school, demonstrate ability, and take a test to cut someone’s hair in NJ, but any idiot with $90.00, and an insurance certificate can be a "home improvement contractor". In light of what "Sandy" has done the Jersey shore area; people need to have their eyes open. The guy who is available, standing there ready to "help out", or "in the area", is just like this guy......looking to climb in your window and take everything you have


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