Accused Killer Claimed Wife's Wounds Were Self-Inflicted, Prosecutor Says

Bail for Parsippany resident, a suspected illegal immigrant, remains at $1 million, judge orders.

Bail remains at $1 million for a Parsippany man accused of stabbing his wife to death at a Lake Hiawatha restaurant Friday in an incident that has stunned the community.

In Morris County Superior Court Wednesday afternoon, Superior Court Judge Stuart Minkowitz maintained the bail initially set for Jiu Jian Zheng, 42.

Zheng has been charged with first-degree murder, fourth-degree unlawful possession of a weapon and third-degree possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. The charges carry a potential life sentence in prison.

The , was found in the kitchen of Kazumi Sushi.

Zheng told police when he was arrested Friday night that his wife's stab wounds were self-inflicted, Assistant Prosecutor John McNamara Jr. told the judge Wednesday. 

McNamara said the number and position of Lin's wounds make Zheng's statement "an anatomical impossibility."

The judge called Zheng a "flight risk to the extreme," citing his status as a Chinese national, meaning China could call for him to be sent back to his home country and out of New Jersey courts' jurisdiction.

McNamara informed the judge that Zheng may be in the country illegally. He said while Zheng claimed to live in an apartment adjacent to Kazumi Sushi restaurant at 81 N. Beverwyck Road, his driver's license indicated an address in Kings County, New York.

He added that the birth date on the license differs from the one the prosecutor's office has on record for Zheng.

The assistant prosecutor recounted that authorities responded to Kazumi Sushi Friday night after receiving a 911 call.

Lin's body was found in the restaurant's kitchen and Zheng was apprehended at the scene, McNamara said.

Morris County Deputy Medical Examiner Carlos Fonseca determined Lin's death was a homicide, saying she suffered significant blood loss from multiple stab wounds, the prosecutor's office said.

Wounds were found on the defendant's hands "consistent with stabbing," according to McNamara, who added that forensic evidence clearly points to Zheng.

"We have overwhelming proofs of culpability," he told the judge.

McNamara added that the alleged murder weapon, a knife, was found hidden in the restaurant.

Because of Zheng's status as a Chinese national and treaty requirements, McNamara said the Chinese Embassy has been notified of the matter.

According to McNamara, Lin was a part-owner of Kazumi Sushi. Zheng was not an owner.

Zheng, thin and expressionless in a yellow jumpsuit and wrist and ankle chains, spoke Mandarin. Through interpreter Robert Hsu, the defendant said he is indigent and would apply for a public defender to represent him in court.

McNamara said the couple's two children are in protective custody and in the care of the Department of Youth and Family Services. He stated that the case involving the children is separate from and unrelated to the murder case.

The judge scheduled a status conference for Oct. 31.

Darch October 11, 2012 at 01:07 PM
this is an isolated incident ...however... the reason for the rise in crime in our area is due to the huge drug problem that our town is in the midst of! The reason we are voted 16th best place to live is because the way drug addicts are being ignored by our towns court system. The crimes you are seeing are being committed by young white males who are addicted to some very dangerous and highly addictive drugs. The courts are giving these kids a slap on the wrist and then giving huge fines that the parents end up paying so the kids have no consequences and continue to feed their habits by stealing.
Darch October 11, 2012 at 01:08 PM
These kids will stop at nothing to get their next fix and because Heroine and narcotic prescription drugs are as easy to get in this town as it is to get a pizza. The town does not want a blemish on their reputation so instead of being prosecuted as they should be they are only fined and are back on the streets to commit these crimes. The worst part is, is that crime is not our only problem due to this but as rampant as crime is the numbers of drug overdoses including drug overdoses and death are just as big. Our kids are dying and becoming criminals because our town will not open their eyes to this horrible cycle that the Parsippany Courts are ignoring in order to keep there upstanding status in a magazine, as opposed to saving these kids in the early stages of addiction and sending them to mandatory court ordered rehab ASAP. But I guess the money they make from the enormous fines and their status quo are more important then saving lives and saving the innocent victims of these crimes!
Carole A. Schwarz October 11, 2012 at 03:53 PM
our town has changed in the over 20 years since my family and I have lived here, in some cases for good (we have a lot of things to do, such as sport and after school activites) and in some aspects, for the worse. In the past year I have heard about many drug arrests, muggings, home robberies, bank heists, child porn, domestic violence and murders in our town. We even had a transvestite obviously soliciting in the Knowlwood Gardens area on North Beverwyck for a while, but thank God he hasn't been around for a while. But but it is not just Parsippany, it is EVERYWHERE. What we need to do is pray to God for our country, that we elect politicians, policemen and other public servant that have godly values. We, as parents also need to spend quality time with and talk to our children and be there when they need us, not just for their activities (which is a good start) but also for protection, loving guidnance and dicipline. We need to be a friend to our children, but our children need us to be parents more. We really need to also have our children be accountable for what they do and face the consequences, no matter how harsh they may seem. I believe that if we provide a loving home and dicipline them at home as well, they will be less likely to do drugs, commit crimes and disrespect authority.
Darch October 11, 2012 at 04:28 PM
Sorry, Carole but a child can come from a loving and strict home and still become a drug addict, There are to many opportunities for our kids to buy drugs in this town. It does not matter how they are brought up we are drowning in a horrible epidemic of drug abuse, and yes I agree this problem is all over but, our town (Parsippany) needs to kick it up a notch and do something about it! Some parents do hold their children accountable and do not enable them and pray that the judicial system will do it's job, and enforce the law not just fining these kids thousand of dollars. I know plenty of people who have actually turned their own children into the police only to get a call to pick them up an hour later, then go to court and they get a slap on the wrist and receive a hefty fine that they obviously can't pay,
C Dodd October 14, 2012 at 12:16 PM
Simple solution -- have China pay for his return to China and call it a day...


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