'Jerseylicious': Olivia Blois Sharpe Sets Up Photo Shoot

The drama between Olivia Blois Sharpe and Tracy DiMarco appears fabricated.

It was another week of almost-there drama on “Jerseylicious,” as Montville native Olivia Blois Sharpe prepares a photo shoot for her business, Gatsby to Go. The show follows Blois Sharpe and her coworkers at the Gatsby Salon in Green Brook, N.J.

After a fairly boring scene in which she and some of the other Gatsby girls give hairstylist Gigi Liscio “rules” for “hanging out” with her “ex-boyfriend,” Blois Sharpe is called into a discussion by boss Gayle Giacomo. “Gatsby to Go,” the mobile makeover company that Blois Sharpe co-runs with longtime enemy Tracy DiMarco, has been doing very well, but Giacomo wants to promote it further with a mail campaign and she asks for their input.

Whenever Blois Sharpe and DiMarco are in a room together, the audience gears up for a fight, but DiMarco is actually somewhat courteous to Blois Sharpe’s ideas for the promotion, even when they involve them posing as hitchhikers or Santa’s reindeer.

“I’ll admit Olivia has some creative ideas, but so does a fourth-grader,” DiMarco says, more sarcastically than viciously. “And sometimes her ideas are so far-fetched I just have to take a deep breath and reign her in.”

DiMarco is sounding almost as if she and Blois Sharpe are business partners, and not mortal enemies!

Eventually, all three agree that they will transform Giacomo’s living room into a salon and have a photo shoot there. Giacomo says she likes the idea of having it in her house so she can “really keep an eye on you.”

She is not seen again, however, for the duration of the shoot, and there is no explanation. Instead, her daughter and Gatsby manager Christy Pereira (who does not live with her mother) is in the house when Blois Sharpe and DiMarco come to survey the space they will be working in.

DiMarco tells Blois Sharpe that she will not be available the morning of the photo shoot, as she will be working another photo shoot for her “apprenticeship” with "Bergen Health and Life." She seems to be a back to her old, catty self as she gives Blois Sharpe a list of things she “needs” her to do.

“Because I’m going to be late to this photo shoot I want to make sure I step Olivia through on everything I usually do on logistics and hopefully she doesn’t screw anything up so I don’t have to fix it when I get there,” DiMarco says.

Yet while DiMarco certainly overstepped her boundaries by assigning her partner tasks as if she was her boss, Blois Sharpe reacts in an over-the-top way that is frankly uncharacteristic of her. She rightly but angrily points out that DiMarco would never allow her to get away with something like this and brings up all sorts of irrelevant details until the two are once again in one of their famous shouting matches.

DiMarco has historically been the instigator of these issues, but Blois Sharpe is no longer looking like merely the victim. Then again, DiMarco does keep referring to coming in several hours early and setting up an entire photo shoot as “this one little task,” when earlier in the episode she described using a copy machine as “impossible.”

Pereira steps in, uttering the line that possibly makes her the smartest character on the show: “Hello? You’re fighting in your boss’s house? This is ridiculous.”

And yet they still have jobs. Perhaps she’s not that smart after all.

Pereira mediates the argument in true middle school style and everyone goes away unsatisfied as always.

The day of the photo shoot arrives, and everything seems a bit strange. There is no sense of timing given, so the audience has no idea how long DiMarco is at her other photo shoot or Blois Sharpe is setting up with assistants Krystle Couso and Miguel Rodriguez. All reality shows exaggerate drama, but it is frustrating when one feels the drama is actually non-existent.

To add to the weird factor, DiMarco is again acting courteous in her texts to Blois Sharpe, who is nonetheless happy she is not there, despite her earlier freak out.

“Everything’s going so perfect. The assistants are doing a great job; I can see my vision coming to life, and Tracy’s not here. Gee, I wonder if that has anything to do with why my day’s going so well,” Blois Sharpe says, again putting herself in the more negative light.

Despite lots of edited previews and dramatic music that make it seem as though DiMarco will not make it to the Gatsby to Go photo shoot, she does. And she fights with Blois Sharpe. And then they take a picture. And everyone is happy again.

Someone should probably kick someone in the head soon, or this season is going to end on a serious yawn note.

"Jerseylicious" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Style.


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