How Do You Make Friends in Montville?

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Even in big cities, with hundreds of places to go and meet people, making friends in a new place can be hard.

It can be especially hard in a smaller town like Montville, where there is no real central square or Main Street that you can count on for daily interaction with potential associates. Sure, there are shops in town and on Route 46 and more metropolitan areas like Morristown and Summit aren’t too far a drive, but if you want to stay local and make new friends, it can be a challenge.

This week’s MomTalk question is: How would you suggest someone new in town meet people?

Where would you tell them to go? Would you tell them to join any groups? If you moved into the area, how did you develop a social circle?

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Sue Marinello March 23, 2011 at 06:09 PM
I was so lucky when I moved to town, a neighbor, who had moved to the area about 6 months before me, stopped her car when she was driving by and invited me to a playgroup at her house. We had never met before, but she knew I had just moved in and she extended the invitation. It was there that first day that I met the women who have been my closest friends for the past 21 years, and it was there that my oldest daughter met some of her closest friends -- certainly the peers she has known the longest. I loved that group. We all took turns holding the weekly gathering at our homes. eventually the group grew too large, and many of us shifted to a Mom and Me group that was held in the old community center at Montville Park. That was nice because there was a broader base of people from all over town. Both groups were volunteer run.


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