National Library Card Sign-Up Month Sparks Townwide Initiative

Montville Township Library director wants all Montville children to have library cards.

More than this year in the library's summer reading program, totaling about 3,800 hours of voluntary reading, according to Allan Kleiman, director of the . 

Sept. 1 marked the beginning of National Library Card Sign-up Month and Kleiman told the Tuesday night he plans to implement a townwide initiative to ensure that all Montville children have library cards. 

“More and more newcomers have come to Montville,” he said. “And one of the first things they do after getting settled in is come to the library.”

Kleiman said dozens of new students who had not started school yet came to the library this summer. He said he hopes this initiative will help get children interested in reading before they are even school-aged. There are no longer age requirements to owning a library card, he said. 

He asked for the support of the Montville community at Tuesday night’s board meeting and said he hopes to send letters home to parents, work with parent-teacher organizations and collaborate with the schools to promote the yearlong library card campaign. Kleiman said he plans to develop a closer working relationship between the district's public schools and the library board of trustees in order to get the initiative started.

“Both the school and the library board are interested in student literacy, both in and out of the classroom,” he said. 

Additionally, Kleiman said the library board would like to work with the school this year to ensure the library is prepared and stocked with materials when students have upcoming assignments. 

Dr. Karen Cortellino, president of the , voiced her support for the initiative.

“We stand ready to assist you in any way we can to make sure every student has a library card,” she said. 


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