Lost Dog Owner Still Holding Out Hope

Lando was last scented in the area of Taylortown Road.

More than a month after he first escaped a Montville kennel, the owners of Lando, a 9-year-old Irish Jack Russell Terrier, are still holding out hope that the dog will be found.

"We have had no sightings for a few weeks," Lando's owner, Cindy Kramer, said Tuesday. "We are still hoping that he will be [seen]."

Kramer, of Denville, began posting photos of her dog around Montville immediately after he escaped from the Wags 'n Whiskers Inn on Aug. 5. Lando apparently slipped under a fence and the owners of the business helped search for the dog, in addition to hiring a pet detective from Nebraska to bring her own tracking dogs and specialists to try to find Lando.

His scent was last picked up in mid-August in the area of Taylortown Road and Kramer said no new scents have been picked up since then.

Kramer and her friends and relatives have continued to search the area of Montville, Kinnelon and Boonton since he escaped. They have also searched local shelters to see if Lando may have been rescued.

Lando has beige and black fur and a short tail. He is a shy dog and Kramer has asked that if anyone sees the dog, they contact her instead of trying to approach him. Kramer can be reached at 973-219-0182.

Iris September 27, 2012 at 01:45 AM
In my many years of rescuing dogs, I feel someone found Lando and is giving him a good home, but a runaway will always be a runaway. When he can and gets a chance, he will come home again. I had a dog but was constantly getting out underneathe my fence. Six months later, on a stormy, rainy evening, we heard a noise and my dog flew into my house through her dog door. She also had a different collar on her. After that, I had to put up a second fence; an iron one. Good luck and don't lose hope! I just want to add another thought. I had left my Retriever/Setter at a pet kennel for a vacation, and when they brought me my dog, he was so happy to see us! He jumped right in and started kissing everyone. But something didn't seem right, and I finally realized "This was NOT my dog." I brought him right back and told the people I think I have the wrong dog! They looked all over their kennel and MY dog was still there! The dog's looked exactly the same too. Check to see if the owner's of the kennel had another dog that looked like Lando at the same time at the kennel. I feel he's safe and you will find him.


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