Tax Stabilization Montville Mayor's New Year's Resolution

What should township officials resolve to do or change in 2013?

As people all across the world look forward to a new year, Montville Mayor Tim Braden has already figured out his New Year's resolution.

"To work as hard as we [the township committee] possibly can to keep the tax increase as minimal as possible," Braden said when asked what he had in mind.

Braden noted the challenges the township faced in accomplishing such a feat in the year past, particularly because of unforseen tax appeals, and said 2013 will bring new challenges.

"That's my resolution, to just do the best we can to bring that budget in," he said.

Last week, we asked readers what they thought could be improved in Montville in the coming year. 

One reader said they would like to see more female police officers on the township's force while another said they would want to see fewer sports cars with loud mufflers on the roadway.

Montville Patch reader jf said they would like to see more fiscal responsibility.

"How about more fiscal oversight and responsibility so people can afford to live in this town! That would be a real Christmas gift to the residents of this fine township," jf said.

What other resolutions do you think local officials should have for 2013? Tell us in the comments below.

Mrs. Smith January 01, 2013 at 01:21 PM
If Montville allowed more businesses in we would have tax ratables without a draw on the school system or our water supply. I was thrilled to see we'd be getting a Dunkin Donuts on Changebridge Rd. Something the town fought since I moved in two decades ago. There are a lot of other business that wanted to come in but were turned down.
D Ambriano January 02, 2013 at 06:35 PM
Why is the resolution to "keep the tax increase as minimal as possible"? Why not aim for NO tax increase? Now THAT would be a change of pace!!


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