Montville Historical Society Receives UNICO Donation

Group makes contribution to support historical society in grave restoration effort.

The Montville Township Historical Society received a $1,000 donation from Montville UNICO this month to assist with a project to restore and document local grave sites.

The donation was presented to Director Kathy Fisher during Montville UNICO's general meeting on Monday, according to OurMontville.com. Fisher was asked to present the historical society's objectives and projects to Montville UNICO during the meeting, originally scheduled for November.

The gravestone project, specifically, has received assistance from a local Eagle Scout, Conor Reid. Reid mapped out the gravestones and created a searchable database for relatives of the deceased and the historical society to use. He was honored, along with two other Eagle Scouts, by the Montville Township Board of Education earlier this month.

Montville UNICO is a local not-for-profit organization that promotes education and support through service projects and grants. The national UNICO organization is one of the nation's largest Italian-American service organizations.


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