Website Upgrade in the Works for Library

Local students assisting to leverage Montville Township Public Library's website, social media reach.

The Montville Township Public Library is working on revamping its website and local students have chipped in their time and knowledge to help.

Currently, the students are working on choosing a content management platform that would allow the library to easily update the site frequently and change content. The students are also helping to develop ways for the library to more effectively use its Facebook page.

As the students are taking their time to choose the best options for the content management system, Director Allan Kleiman asked the Montville Township Public Library Board of Trustees to consider temporarily paying a person to update the website in the meantime.

"We really do have a website that we haven't been able to update very much," he said.

The time commitment of the person would be between an hour or two a week and Kleiman said he would recommend a pay of between $39 and $40  per hour based on what other libraries pay.

Once the website project is completed, however, the library could have an existing staff member manage the site. 

To see the current Montville Township Public Library website, click here.

MELISSA BENNO January 18, 2013 at 01:26 PM
that website is so old it's ridiculous. the calendar is from 8 months ago. it is difficult to use, too.


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