DPW Machinery Voted Down, Pregnant Woman Crashes Car Top Montville News

Continued cul-de-sac consideration and teachers' professional development day also make headlines.

Township to Outsource Excavating Services

After a lengthy discussion Tuesday, the Montville Township Committee voted to outsource excavating services instead of purchasing new machinery for the Department of Public Works. 

Pregnant Woman Crashed Car Into Building

A woman crashed her car into a Pine Brook building after she accidentally put her car into reverse, according to police. The woman complained of pain and was transported to the hospital, though no serious injuries were reported.

Cul-de-sac May be Scrapped Over Fear of Legal Issues

The Montville Township Committee has still not chosen a design plan in Pine Brook. Now, a landscaped, curbed island is being considered.

Teachers Prepare for Professional Development Day

Montville teachers will have an in-service day in a few weeks where they will learn strategies for teaching lessons more effectively. Two of the school district's Professional Development Committee members presented the programs for the day to the board of education this week.

Montville Museum to Provide Pathway Into History

The Montville Township Historical Society will participate in the "Pathways of History" tour next month. Revolutionary War exhibits and lectures will be included.


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