New Housewives Trial Date Means No Courtroom Drama This Season

The newest cast members are apparently very unhappy on set, some having already threatened to quit the reality television show.

Teresa and Joe Giudice / File photo
Teresa and Joe Giudice / File photo

This year on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, don’t expect to see much courtroom drama.

Perez Hilton is reporting that since Teresa and Joe Giudice’s federal trial on bank and bankruptcy fraud has been delayed from February to April, Bravo won’t get any juicy footage.

The Housewives production company had pushed up filming to capture some of the drama surrounding the case, but now they're out of luck.

"They won’t get anything this season,” Hilton’s anonymous insider said. “Now all they’ll get is Teresa talking about how she’s just trying to stay positive for her family.”

No cameras would have been allowed in the courtroom either way, according to the Ledger.

Add in the latest rumors of new cast members being majorly unhappy and this season already looks likely to be one big hot mess.


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