Where in Montville: Dog Park [PHOTOS]

Red fire hydrants abound at the Montville Dog Park.

If this week's Where in Montville photo photo of a fire hydrant in an open lot reminded you of an oasis for Fido, there's a reason.

We took it at the Montville Dog Park off Changebridge Road at Kramer Road in the Pine Brook section of the town and there are separate areas for larger and smaller dogs.

Residents' dogs are able to use the park for $20 a year plus a $10 key fob fee. The fee for non-residents is $25 a year plus the key fee.

In addition to the three people who posted correct answers in the comments and on our Facebook page, one reader e-mailed the correct answer, but did so with a little bit of commentary: "since there is nothing going on and the place is empty, my guess is the dog park..."

I've heard people level the criticism that the park is seldom used a half-dozen times since I started in August. I usually don't see people there. But when I drove by on Tuesday around 5 p.m., the park was in full swing. I shot some photos because I figured you'd rather look at those than an empty dog park when I posted the answer.

Congratulations to Charles Dyak, Lucy Tullo and Jason Benson for posting the correct answer! And to the person who e-mailed me!

Check back Tuesday for next week's Where In Montville.

Have a spot you think no one will guess? E-mail your photos to Jacob.Remaly@patch.com.


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