Ramapough Indian Talk Will be Hosted By Historical Society

Ed Lenik will give historical lecture and book talk.

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Ed Lenik, archaeologist, will talk about the Ramapough Indians and his new book on them at the next Montville Township Historic Society program on Jan. 14 at 7:30 p.m. in the Montville Township Senior House. A book signing will also be held afterward.   

Lenik received first place in the Kevin Hale Annual Publication Award from the League of Historical Societies of NJ for his latest book “Ramapough Mountain Indians: People, Places and Cultural Traditions.” Lenik will talk about the history and archaeology of the Ramapough Mountain Indians in discussing people, places, legends, stories and objects that testify “We are Still Here.”  

His new book, ”Ramapough Mountain Indians: People, Places, and Cultural Traditions,” is a companion piece to the book “Indians in the Ramapo’s: Survival, Persistence and Presence,” also written by Lenik.

Lenik is a regional archaeologist, active in the area for many years in which he has gained much recognition. He has explored prehistoric Native America with research interest firmly placed on the human history of the northeastern United States and Atlantic Canada. He is a past president of the Archaeological Society of New Jersey. He is the author of numerous books including a series on Indian Rock Art in the northeast and the well-known “Iron Mine Trails.” He is also active in The North Jersey Highlands Historical Society. 

The program will be presented by the Montville Township Historical Society.

Larry D'Oench December 27, 2012 at 10:20 PM
These historical presentations are always interesting. Thank you Kathy for putting them together.


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